Volkswagen Group is German automakers who own majority of the car companies in the world. They own Volkswagen sales India Pvt ltd, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini, and Skoda. They have their headquarters located in Mumbai in India. The brand entered the Indian market quite late as compared to other car manufacturers. In 2001, Skoda launched its first product, Octavia.

The first two cars that Volkswagen introduced in India were Passat and Jetta. The other few popular cars by the Company which did fairly well in Indian market were Polo, Cross Polo, and Vento. German technology has high-end features installed in their cars which are a bit different from the other companies. They also have multiple cares like Polo GTI, Passat GTE, Tiguan and Ameo were launched in 2017 and experiences a rise in their sales immediately. Their portfolio for hatchbacks, sedan and SUVs were expanded with these launches. However, they did have some failed attempts in the market like Tiguan did not perform well in the SUV category and Phaeton did not live up to the expectations of a luxury sedan. Both of these models had to be discontinued from the market.

Just like all the other high-end car brands in India, Volkswagen has also targeted its audience reach for premium car buyers. The stylish looks of the car, fine quality of interiors, powerful operation and the fuel efficiency powertrains. Volkswagen has about 113 urban localities along with 122 dealerships in the country. Their most wide selling vehicles of Volkswagen are Polo and Vento and to an extent even Ameo is performing well in the market. They have also entered the niche sports market with Polo R and Vento R. Volkswagen. Just like European vehicles even Japanese vehicles are priced on the expensive range adhering to the quality of materials used. However, the resale value of Volkswagen is not as good. /p>