The Mini Cooper is an automotive company made by the British Motor Corporation and owned by a German automotive company, BMW, since 2000. The original is still referred to as an icon of the 1960s. Mini was a leading company that gave 80% idea of the space-saving front-wheel-drive layout for many car-makers. In 1999, the Mini came second place behind the Model T[i] Ford for "Global Automotive of the Century" in this same poll.

The Mini Cooper is a sports car, thriving as rally cars, winning the Monte Carlo Rally fourfold from 1964 through to 1967. It has won several awards over the years, like the "Car of the Century", "Number One Classic Automotive of All Time", and "European Automotive of the Century". There were about 5.3 million Minis that were sold towards the end, creating it the most fashionable British automotive ever made. At its peak, the Mini was a powerful vendor in most countries wherever it had been sold, with the UK inevitably receiving the best volumes. The company was awarded with the Strategic Vision's "Most adored Mass-Market Brand" title in 2016. Their fans say the most critical thrill of shopping for a mini is to customise it with crazy colours and mixtures to build it on your own.

The Mini's quality has been heightened by the addition of contemporary models to its family at the moment. The brand's ability to inspire intense devotion comes from its unwavering affiliation to the magnificently plucky, practical, cheap but exciting drive, rally racer cars that started it all nearly 60 years ago. Mini Cooper continues to maintain its level of name and has become an excellent success in many countries, including India. The renowned cars of Mini automotive company include Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper Convertible and Mini Countryman.