Morris Garages dates back its inception to 1924 by William Morris and has always been a future-forward brand. MG Motors entered the Indian market back in 2017 and within 2 years of spreading their wings, the impact of MG Motors in Indian market has been an infectious one.

MG entered the market under the leadership of the world’s 7th largest automobile company which stands to be 36th in the list of Fortune 500- SAIC Motor Corporation. In September 2017, MG started its first manufacturing operation in Gujarat.

MG Motors became the first in the business to introduce the next-gen i-SMART technology in their recently launched car Hector. The car comes with a huge HD touchscreen with 10.4 inches. The car is also the first kind to have a sophisticated 48V mild-hybrid architecture along in the segment.

MG Motors focused their energy into making a product which is not only powerful and updated but also environmentally friendly. The car is designed in a manner to reduce petrol engine emissions. A 48V lithium-ion battery has been used to help store maximum energy. One can experience a smoother drive with the extra torque assistance up to 20Nm.

MG Hector is the first ever internet car built with power-packed. A high level of localization and dedication has been used to make the car brilliant from outside and inside. MG sticks strongly to its commitment to satisfying the Indian customers with class, performance, and appeal. The company has always paid strong attention to innovation, creativity and making a difference.

With their latest edition of Hector, the internet car is all set to turn multiple heads in the crowd with its 50 plus exclusive features. Along with the performance and updated specifications, even the design and interiors of the car have been articulated and inspired by modern dance forms which creates an enigma of excellence.