Mercedes Benz

When you talk about high-end luxury cars, Mercedes is one of the most popular names in automotive that come in mind. Mercedes Benz has continued its dynamic progress as a car manufacturing brand in the market. The company exclusively caters to the need for top segment buyers of the market. They believe in prestigious exclusivity and the fact that a car is a lavish status symbol for the buyer.

The brand stands strong in its ground of aspiration to deliver the best and the fine quality. They do not compromise at all in terms of the material, technology, design, and service. In 2013, Mercedes launched the new S-class series which is supposedly one of the best cars in the world. From covering the sportiest S class Mercedes AMG S 63 to the most intelligent S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID to the sophisticated S 500 intelligent Drive to the classiest S-Class Coupe, the brand has covered it all with utmost elegance and panache.

Mercedes Benz has evolved as a brand and has diversified its portfolio in recent years after studying the market thoroughly. The brand is also diligently working towards newer and better model initiatives that are planned to do bigger and better by 2020. The major USP of the brand is to cater to the needs of the higher upper-class society throughout the world. They focus on the international appeal of the brand by taking the simple, transparent, sophisticated and minimalistic approach in their models. They have also worked towards making their cards more clearly oriented for the customers.

Along with the exterior, design, appeal and stylish visual aspects of the car, the brand has also focused on the functionality of their products. They have increased the power capability in their class with time and have introduced theologically advanced materials to make the car run fast for longer and better.