Jaguar was originated back in 1922 along with the Swallow Sidecar Company. The first-ever car by Jaguar was introduced in 1935 and since then the founder Sir William Lyons has pushed the boundaries of innovation. They have maintained the pace of their craft with the fast-moving tech industry. Their approach of transforming today for tomorrow has paved their path of success meticulously.

The company largely focuses on the ambition of making societies safer and healthier for a clean environment. Their vision of tomorrow is called the mobility destination zero.

Jaguar released the iconic XK120 in 1948 which became the world’s fastest production car for its 120 top car speed. The company also created the world’s first disc brake. Along with the improved disc brake, they introduced the C type lighter as well.

The E type was launched to become the legendary sports car of all the time. The beautiful design of the car won many hearts. The USP of the company lies in its prominent sleek design, the sophistication of the features and the powerful functioning.