Honda as a brand has established a strong reputation among the consumers. Hondo Motor Company is a Japanese public multinational which stands to be one of the largest motor vehicle manufacturers in India. Honda Cards India Limited is the subsidiary of Honda Motor Company. The first car model ever launched in India was Honda City. The car still stands to be one of the best sellers in the millennial market.

Honda has ranged over 220 dealerships in India with a strong network foundation. These dealerships are present in over 140 cities approximately. Along with its dealerships, the company even commenced its own Auto Terrace exchange and pre-owned car division. Customers are allured with Honda’s hassle-free service, high-reliability factor, and customer care executives who take care of their customers with utmost dedication.

The USP of Honda is the power of its engine and performance. The umpteenth i-VTEC technology gives the company an upper edge over the best in class engines. They do not compromise fuel efficiency even in more power. Even their i-DTEC diesel engines have a similar kind of reputation. Honda caters to the need of people who prefer both performance and great mileage together.

Apart from the performance, their chic and sophisticated design comes with ample of space and attractive build quality. Honda was also the pioneer in launching the hybrid-powered vehicle – The Civic. The car was built way ahead of its time but did not run well in the market for long because of a higher duty rate. Honda then introduced its CNG variant- Amaze. The vehicle was specifically designed on the basis of practicality, reduced costing and lower emissions. However, after making certain changes, Honda is all set to rule the market with the new Accord Hybrid which is highly fueled efficient and environment-friendly.

Honda is a leading car manufacturer with a high-reliability factor, first in class design and powerful performance.