Ford Motor Company completely owns the Ford India Private Limited. It is one of the oldest, most reputed and the largest carmaker in the world. Ford was the first in the competition, to begin with, the mass production of vehicles. Diverting from the high-end luxury cars, Ford was the pioneer in making the revolutionary affordable car models. The brand has also owned various other car brands like Mazda, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lincoln, Volvo and also Mercury at one point in time.

The company began its journey again in 1995 after an earlier set back in 1994. This time, the brand launched Ford Escort and also JV along with Mahindra. With time, Ford’s stake in the company grew from 50 percent to 72 percent. Soon after, the American automakers bought the entire set of stake. This began the journey of being one of the largest car makers and exporters in India.

The Australian genius Nigel Harris heads the Ford India and has been the part of the company for decades. He replaced Michael Boneham and became the new company President in 2014. Ford has an extensive network in India with over 250 dealerships that are mostly located in the big metro cities of the country. The company has also become the biggest exporters of new cars to several other markets across the world as a part of its new initiatives. The company focuses on various other initiatives like Road safety, healthcare, environment and more.

One of the biggest selling secrets of Ford is the ease of driving experience that it provides. It is by far the smoothest drive along with premium safety features and advanced technology. All the new editions of Ford vehicles are highly fuel-efficient and convenient. Overall, once the customer has experience the comfort and the smoothness of driving a Ford, the benchmark is the set extremely high.