Force Motor

Force Motors Ltd is an automobile company which is known for its expertise in style development and manufacture of the total spectrum of automotive elements, aggregates and vehicles. Its merchandise includes lightweight business Vehicles (LCV), Multi-Utility Vehicles (MUV), SCVs, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), and Agricultural Tractors. Force Motors is India's largest van maker. Aside from producing lightweight transport vehicles, Force Motors conjointly makes engines and axles. The firms are into numerous fields, providing end-to-end solutions for automotive majors within the area of high exactitude Al castings, production of technology tooling, style and development of progressive seating systems, and drip irrigation systems.

The company works with leading brands like Tempo, Matador, and Minidor. Force provides acceptable solutions for transport –both products, similarly as a traveller, i.e., rugged, reliable, and economical transport solutions for rural or urban, long-distance or native, over sensible roads or unhealthy tracks. Over the last five decades, it's partnered with international makers such as Daimler, ZF, Bosch, and MAN. The company jointly exports to varied countries in Africa, SAARC, America, etc. The corporation continues within the founder's vision of providing economical, utilitarian vehicles that empower the individual enterpriser to fulfil his and the country's ever-changing wants. Force Motors is definitely a strong versatile automotive company that serves different markets by providing commissions to country-specific solutions. Its most prominent achievement was when it launched the world's only 26-seater monocoque.

Till now, Force Motors has provided over 23,000 engines to BMW. This company is legendary for its lightweight vehicles like Traveller vehicles, 26 seater Traveller, School Bus, Ambulance, Royale; Small Vehicles like Shaktimaan 400 and 200; Multi Utility Vehicles like Trax, as well as Toofan, Cruiser, Cruiser Deluxe, Kargo King, Trax Delivery Van; Agricultural vehicles like Balwan tractors and grove tractors; and Sports Utility Vehicles like Force One SUV and Force Gurkha.