BMW or Bavarian Motor Works is a well-known German automobile manufacturing company that was founded back in 1916. The company has its headquarters in Munich, Bavaria. It is also the parent company of Rolls-Royce motor cars. BMW has produced massive 1,845,186 automobiles and total of 117,109 motorcycles for all its brands. They have found their way up to the ladder of being one of the largest luxury automakers along with Audi and Mercedes.

BMW Group has been a pioneer in setting the trends in production technology and innovative sustainability. They focus on intelligent material mix and digitalization of the resources for finest results. Their flexibility and continuous optimization also ensure competitiveness.

They believe in long term thinking in order to take responsible action for the economic success of the brand. Not only have they kept in mind their reputation, but also showcase sheer commitment to environment with usage of conserving resources, social sustainability, and comprehensive ecological strategy. They ensure that their vehicles reduce the usage of fuel consumption and emissions.

Forbes recognized BMW as the most reputable company in the world in June 2012. The choice was made on the basis of various aspects of the customers that included recommendations, willingness to purchase, investment prospects and perception of their products.

If you want to enjoy the finer things in life, you must include BMW in your life. For all the car aficionados and automobile maniacs, BMW is a fine wonderland of technology and sophistication. The price of the basic model of BMW starts from somewhere around 35 lakhs and goes up to a maximum of 1.54 crore for its top variant of M series. There are total 14 models available for sale in India. Amongst all the models, BMWX1, BMW Z4, and BMWX7 are the most popular car choices among the Indian customer base.