One of the fastest-growing automotive globally is owned by the renowned Volkswagen Group. Audi is a popular choice among luxurious car brands. The company is known for not just manufacturing, but also production, designing, engineering, distribution and various other marketing luxurious wheels across the globe. There are total 9 manufacturing facilities under the company which is distributed across the world. Audi also proudly stands to be the second-largest luxury carmaker in the world in terms of volume and profits. With its headquarters in Bavaria, Germany and Ingolstadt; the company carries out the operation worldwide.

Audi owns the Audi India Pvt ltd since the year 2007 and executes all its operations countrywide from its Mumbai headquarters. The German-based luxury carmakers have established a renowned name for themselves in Indian market. The company has put in a lot of money in branding, marketing, after-sale service and customer retention with its exclusive dealerships across the nation. In India, most of the Audi cars are assembled locally, while some models are imported as completely built units as well.

Audi has a tremendous network spread with 40 states of the art 3S dealerships across the world. Each of its dealerships has individual body shop and paint that provides a comprehensive solutions package for the purchasers. They have hired experts and trained technicians to ensure the world-class premium service to their customers.

Audi is also expected to bring a different variety of electric and hybrid cars in India just like its competitors. The main USP of the company is a smart pricing strategy that gels up well with the wide and extensive dealership network. Even though most of the models launched in India have been a huge hit, but Audi A3, Q3, and A4 have found a genuinely special place in the heart of Indian customers.