Motofoto is a widely acclaimed organization that delivers quality, value and professional automotive photography and retouching services across the region. We are providing these services since 2009 and built up a solid collection of expert photographers that continue to produce automotive photos and other services that far surpass that of the industry standards. As one of the top-tier automotive photography and retouching service providers, we cater to a myriad of standards across a wide area. Taking on high volumes and maintaining even higher standards with the deadline is something we pride ourselves in and continue to accomplish every day.

We have a clearly defined goal to deliver services of unique dedication to our clients, transcending the ordinary to something more exceptional. This is all due to our highly experienced and committed team of experts that succeed in the face of great challenges. Here at Motofoto we live and breathe automotive photography and retouching for a living. We enjoy what we do and take great pride in our proven consistency, quality and of course, on-time delivery expectations. We accomplish this by following strict quality checks and hiring standards at our organization.

Furthermore, we are experienced enough to know that adapting to the ever-changing industry is essential. Hence, pricing is a major factor in the receiving and maintenance of our clients and we will do our very best to provide the best available price options for all levels.




Automotive photography

Automotive photography means many things to many people but to us, it starts with quality and expertise. From there we use different techniques depending on the environment to make your car shine. Choosing the proper background is an essential aspect of this process as it can either give your car a stark contrast or unique, dramatic effect. We will make your car stand out and not blend into something like a busy urban background. With our advanced experience and knowledge, we will bring the best of automotive photography to any given situation

Car Dealer Photography

Seeing the car up close in person is one thing but it can be difficult to make that same car shine on your car dealership website. That’s why you need a quality photo that will make all the difference in the success of your business. It’s a common fact that dealers using multiple photos of real vehicles experience more than 300% increase in Vehicle Detail Page views compared to those without photos. So let us professionally manage the entire photography and editing process so you can distribute them to your dealership website and attract more visitors. Using photo overlays, photo frames, super-size photos and more, our team will help drive more leads into the showroom.

Automotive Product Photography

It’s not all about the cars. Car accessories are also an important part of the vehicle and to really help show them off, our team of expert photographers is here to help. Whether its roof racks, car bras, cold air intakes, grill guards, dash kits or more, we know just the right angles and light to highlight the smaller parts of your car.

Automotive Retouching

When taking a photo, you might think that it’s ready for final presentation but that’s not the case. For a truly special professional finish, you want to send the photo through a detailed retouching process. When you really zoom in on your images, you will see that the most important parts of each picture are invisible to the naked eye and that is exactly what we’re going for. Just as the best work often goes unnoticed, the best post-production and image processing shouldn’t stand out either. The entire focus should be on the finished picture and that is something we pride ourselves on greatly.

Color and Bad Lighting Correction
Distraction Removal like glares, dustbin, poles etc
Road Cleaning
Background Creation


Why Hire Us?


Besides the car itself, choosing the right automotive photographer and retoucher is the most important part of the photo. Unfortunately, there is no crash course that tells you how to choose the right one. So to help you out with the selection process, here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

Our Experience

We know what we are doing with your images, off course it helps when we have an experience of over 7 years and an equally experienced and professional team. We have worked globally with dealerships based in USA, UK, Canada and Europe churning out 200,000 images per month.

Our Portfolio

Obviously, you want a great photo of your automobile. Hence, you should take a look at your photographer's portfolio to make sure their ideas are in line with what you imagine. Thankfully, we have an extensive portfolio available for you to check out and see firsthand how diverse, professional and consistent we are with our work.

Our Personality

Sure, at the end of the day, you’re getting a picture of your car. However, don’t underestimate the power of personality. A pushy, overbearing, nervous or annoying photographer is not something anyone needs and those personal qualities actually show up on the final product. By choosing us, you’ll receive only the best in cooperation, dedication, and professional attitudes to make the whole experience pain free.

Our Price

Price is something that everyone is concerned about these days. Which is why we want to work with you personally on a price that fits your budget. We realize automotive photography and retouching can get expensive sometimes but by choosing us, you can expect a good price and an event better result to back it all up.


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